Family Tree

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Family Tree

Recently I created a stationary template for a client planning a large family reunion. The set needed to include invitations, personal stationary and photo page templates.  It was a blast to create, here’s a few bits of the process I went through while designing this stationary pack.

The client wanted something to resemble “family” and include an impression of it growing and having generations to come.  A family tree – what a fantastic way to illustrate a growing family. This became starting point for this stationary logo design.

Doing some research, my eye was caught by an image seen on Pinterest by Inspiring Pretty.   The digital family tree I created evolved from this and other pictures I saw.  See it here!

In Adobe Illustrator, my favorite Adobe program, I began creating this tree in one color for ease of transferring the template from invitations to stationary and for the purpose of a simple, elegant and sophisticated look.

Getting started I created the trunk and then a few leaves.  I changed the size of leave just slightly as I arranged them on the tree, adding more and more until the tree was full.  Here’s how it turned out.



I loved the simplicity.  It can go with so many titles.  Here’s an example:


This graphic is so versatile.  I increase the image size and fit it on a 38″ X 54″ blanket throw. Perfect for a wedding/anniversary gift or a family reunion raffle!


I had a lot of fun creating this digital family tree. If you have any questions or to get a copy of this image, contact me at