Moto G5s Plus

Moto G5s Plus

I purchased the Motorola Moto G5s Plus phone just over a week ago.  So far it’s a great phone!  I’ve had no problems with the battery life being strong all day and I love how it works.  The fingerprint feature and the Moto Actions that can be set up are amazing!  For a great phone and a great price, options of 32 GB and 64 GB storage, this is a great phone to buy.

What is awesome:

  • My favorite thing about this phone is the swipe your notifications feature.  Swipe and they no longer show up on the screen or the notification bar along the top.  Love this.
  • Double click on the notification brings you right to the exact location of the notification you were viewing.  Other phones will take you to the app to find the notification that shows up.  It’s a hassle to navigate and find what you just saw.
  • Fingerprint sensor works great.  It’s quick and sets up to turn on/off the phone.  It can also be set up as a single navigation button in Moto Actions.
  • The camera is really nice.  Clear shots and easy to focus and use.  Dual 13 MP cameras with a flash makes this camera work wonders.  The software included allows you to edit your shots and make them really pop.  Select filters that blur the background, add another image into the background or add a new color.
  • Moto Actions are really cool.  I can turn on my flashlight by chopping twice with the phone.  Turn it off the same way.  Turn on the camera with a twist.  Flip in on it’s face for the Do Not Disturb setting. There’s more but you get the idea.
  • Moto Display can reduce blue light if and when you want it to.


What’s not so impressive:

  • The auto brightness is on but when I wake up it’s super bright to look at the phone.  I wish they could tone down the brightness another notch or two in darker settings.
  • The power on button is located on the side of the phone.  Sometimes I bump it when I’m picking up the phone and turn it on/off without trying to.  Just a bit of a hassle until you get used to it.
  • Camera lens surface is quite large and I worry about it getting scratched.  I searched for a case that would give the lens the most protection. Wasn’t real easy to find but I’m pleased with the Ouba case.  It has a ring around the camera lens hole that keeps the lens from touching when it’s set down and seems to protect it fairly well.
  • Cases are becoming more readily available but there aren’t a lot of options in my opinion. I chose a clear case and added decoration myself.

Overall this is a really great phone.  The pros significantly outweigh the cons.  As background, I use to have an LG G4 phone.  I liked the power on and volume button location on the LG.  But hands down, I much prefer the Motorola Moto G5s Plus.  It’s really is awesome.


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